BMW 7 Series

Sometimes I don’t know why I bother writing reviews like this, but recently I had the pleasure of driving a BMW 7 series so felt it would be rude not to write at least a short review about it. Why am I skeptical about it? Well at the end of the day it is super subjective, one man’s Porsche Panamera is another mans second hand Kia Sedona, I’ve had a go in cars and literally thought “this is it, this car will end all debate, everyone simply must love this car” only to go online and find a number of scathing reviews. So, you can read all the reviews you want but at the end of the day you’re going to have to make you’re own mind up, but hey feel free to read mine.

Let me say from the off, I love BMW and I am going to be honest to you, I’m probably pretty biased, so if you are that way inclined to, then you may as well stop reading now and go and by one, because you will love it, however if you fancy being persuaded read on. I have never sat in a car and felt so smooth, BMW seem to have thought of everything. The interior is just oozing with class, the exterior does exactly the same and the drive makes you feel like you are in some dark advert with opera playing in the back ground and you are of course in a suit. The performance is fantastic I have never felt like the car wouldn’t push it further, the only thing that can limit this car is the drivers cowardice, or sensible nature. The second hand BMW 7 Series I tested glided in and out of corners and bends like a ghost on a magic carpet, though when you want to you can kick it into a frenzy no longer is it a ghost on a magic carpet, it is now a heavy metal band on a jumbo jet. I had a lot of fun in this car but I also drove home feeling sophisticated and relaxed, it really does offer the best of both worlds.

There isn’t much point in going into the security/quality and reliability aspects of the car for it’s a BMW, what do you expect.