Toyota GT86 reduced!

If you were considering getting yourself the Toyota GT86, now might be a good time to go for it as it has just been given a tasty £2,500 price cut! Basically as part of the upgrades that Toyota have introduced for the 2015 model they also intend to undercut the current base model with the all new ‘Primo’ trim level which will be £2,500 cheaper. So it hasnt exactly been reduced, but there will be a cheaper model available.

This means that with the Primo Trim, you could get your hands on a Toyota GT86 for £22,495.  There is a catch though, in order to get the full £2,500 discount with the Primo trim you have to be one of the ‘early bird’ customers which entitles you to an extra £500 off as long as you purchase before a certain time. This is most likely a direct response from Toyota to Subaru who did something similar with the BRZ, a direct competitor to the GT86. However Toyota have not gone quite as far as Subaru, whose basic BRZ model will stay at £22,495 regardless of when or how you buy it.

You can order the 1015 Toyota GT86 now and there are 4 different models to choose from including the Primo model and two other new special editions.